3. User Control and Freedom
"Users often choose system functions by mistake and will need a clearly marked "emergency exit" to leave the unwanted state without having to go through an extended dialogue. Support undo and redo."
As users navigate a site, it is important that they feel in control of their experience. Should a user become lost and unable to return to where they were, it is likely that they will become frustrated and possibly leave your site altogether. A well designed site makes the users feel comfortable and provides easy avenues of exit at all points in their experience. IU fails in many respects to cater to the user's needs when browsing the site.
Outside links
Outside links
The site displays very little user control. There is no indication of when a link will take you to an outside website, and once you reach an individual campus site, it is difficult to return the the main iu.edu site. The constantly changing navigation can make the user feel lost.

For example, the main navigation bar contains a link to "Economic Developments." When we click it, we expect to stay on the same IU.edu website. However, once we click it, we're transported to a new page that changes our sense of navigation entirely. Even though the new page's design is superior, it would be nice if we maintained that sense of control given by the main navigation bar instead.
We also noted that there is no way to access printer friendly content. Each campus has a profile with statistics regarding enrollment and other information but there is no way to easily print this information, or any other pages on the site. Printing directly from the actual page would result in heavy ink use (due to the header images and colors), as well as a lot of wasted information, such as menu items. If you wanted to print out information about a campus, for example, the menu and header would occupy a large part of the page without adding any value.
Campus Profiles
The individual campus profiles are better designed and far more useful for finding information, but there is no way to navigate between campuses easily without returning to the iu.edu page (the difficulty of which we already talked about). Because there is no indication of how we got to the campus profile page, there is little intuition about how to get to others.
The site does offer a comment/contact page, but only allows certain comment topics. This can be frustrating to a user if their concern doesn't fit well into the "boxed in" comment topics. In addition, the comment page doesn't actually submit.