Usability Evaluation of Indiana University's IU.edu, by Ross Campbell, Kyle Frost, and Matt Soave.
Our goal: We wanted to complete a thorough evaluation of Indiana University's home page (IU.edu). Although the website is quite extensive and deep, we wanted to evaluate at least the first few layers, without looking at external websites too in depth.

Our technique: In order to complete the evaluation, we looked at the IU.edu website (and several subpages) with respect to Jakob Nielsen's ten usability heuristics (explained more in depth on the next page). We tried to point out both good and bad examples for each heuristic, but since the point of our usability evaluation was to offer improvements, we tended to look more for problems.

Our presentation: For each heuristic, we described some examples that we noticed in our evaluation and provided images to illustrate our points. The corresponding thumbnail images to the right of each example can be expanded by clicking on them, allowing the text inside the image to be read. At the bottom of each page, there's a link to the next page; this is our recommended order of viewing. To the left is a menu outlining the content of our evaluation. At any point, you can navigate to any page or heuristic that you want by clicking on a link in that menu.